A suite of powerful, secure and intuitive document process automation products

Despite living in a digital era, the everyday organisation still dealing with hundreds of thousands of pieces of incoming and outgoing paper correspondence each year. FlowMatrix BPS is a suite of server-based software applications which link other data systems within your network environment, to “join the dots” and optimise efficiency levels, automation, productivity and ROI.

FlowMatrix BPS is the core of this data automation platform – a comprehensive, rules-based workflow engine and plug-in architecture, featuring OCR, barcode scanning, PDF creation, file format conversion, data parsing and report generation functionality- and much more.

FlowMatrix BPS can be used to drive optimised mail room, invoicing and distributed capture operations in fast-moving environments, ensuring data is delivered and available to those who need it, without the delays associated with manual paper-based processes.


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Digital Mail Room

PaperRiverĀ Digital Mail Room enables ultra-efficient automation and delivery of data contained within incoming mail – with the minimum required amount of human intervention.

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Distributed Capture

PaperRiver Distributed Capture makes the conversion of paper documents into digital formats (such as PDF) a rapid and accurate process.

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Invoice Processing

Cost-effective and comprehensive automation for accounts payable, with a rules-based engine which can enable up to 60% automation – with the remainder requiring only minor manual exception handling.

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