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Fast, secure and intuitive scanning and archiving solutions

Information enters businesses from numerous sources, in a variety of ways including hard-copy. It can be a major challenge to co-ordinate delivery of important documents and the critical data they contain, ensuring they reach the correct users and are archived for future reference. In order to protect and store this information, scanning into automated workflow software is the best solution.

FlowMatrix by Paper River is just one example of how United Carlton can help you to streamline and integrate your mailroom, invoicing and customer communication processes, and instantly access your integral business information.

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Some of the customers we've assisted with automated, secure scanning and document retrieval systems

Scanning Solutions FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions are answered below. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, feel free to call us on 0845 456 0022 or email us at enquiries@united-carlton.co.uk.

How will these solutions save me time?

By optimising the management of information through efficient, business process automation, which is fully secure and auditable, the software connects MFP devices, mailroom scanners, client desktops and core business applications through a powerful and highly-customisable rules-based delivery engine. Documents are converted to electronic formats and digitally sent where needed, meaning they can be sent, received, read and actioned in a fraction of the time taken to manually handle the documents.