Pcounter Print Management Software

Pcounter is an affordable package incorporating accounting, rules based printing, load balancing, pull printing, and much more. Compatible with all major manufacturers’ devices, Pcounter tracks pages printed / copied on laser, inkjet, plotter and multi-function devices, keeping a log of all print activity and the associated cost.

Pcounter provides organisations with follow-me print, document security, cost control, reporting and actionable insight on their organisation’s document production activities, helping to improve productivity as well as saving money, reducing waste and lowering environmental impact.

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Pcounter FAQs
Is Pcounter easy to configure and deploy?

Whether the need is simple tracking of user printing activity, or more sophisticated multi-server environments, Pcounter is incredibly easy to install and manage. A basic installation can be completed in a few minutes, with larger deployments taking only a few hours.

What size companies is Pcounter suitable for?

No matter how many printers you have, or how many users, if you want to track print behaviour, Pcounter can fit your needs. Pcounter is suitable for everything from small-medium enterprises to multinational corporations, and universities with tens of thousands of students.

Does Pcounter work with my existing equipment?

Pcounter is partnered with the world's leading print hardware manufacturers, including Sharp, Toshiba and Lexmark, so is capable of integrating seamlessly into a device environment featuring one, or a combination of, these vendors. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Actionable insight into Printing Costs

Pcounter’s efficient print and copy accounting system helps provide more visibility of your organisation’s document creation spend.

By tracking the print and copy operations on all devices on the network, and associating a cost to each job, Pcounter provides clear, actionable information to administrators.

This granular information identifies who are the highest-volume users, departments and

Follow-me Print - convenience AND security

Pcounter requires a user to authenticate themselves at a printer when claiming their document, before the document will be printed – meaning confidential documents will never be sat waiting on a printer, and unwanted documents never printed.

Users can “sign in” using their standard network username and password, or existing organisational security procedure such as a door entry card or fob.

Once authenticated, the document is printed. Users can claim their print from any printer on the network – ideal for enabling a mobile and dynamic workforce.

Credit system for cost reclamation

Encouraging staff and students to consider the impact of their printing activities is as easy as implementing a credit system.

Administrators can allocate a set amount of credit to each user, which is deducted by a pre-set amount when printing. Once the credit is depleted, users must pay to replenish their credit before they can continue printing.

With Pcounter requiring jobs to be claimed before they are printed, the amount of wasted paper and print consumables is dramatically reduced.

Unwanted, duplicate or accidental jobs can be deleted, allowing employees to print only the correct document at the correct settings – every time.

Pcounter’s graphical web interface generates reports to show the improved environmental friendliness of your organisation, expressed as total CO₂ produced, pages used and total weight of paper – with a comparison between periods, so you can track improvement.