Equitrac Print Management Software

Equitrac intelligent print management software makes printing work simply, securely and with maximum accountability. One-click print with no worries about print servers, compatible print drivers or whether the printer is ready – it just works. The security, convenience and user-friendliness of follow-me print functionality, coupled with powerful auditing and reporting tools, make Equitrac an ideal solution for any organisation looking to monitor, control and reduce print expenditure.

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Enabling mobile users

Equitrac simplifies printing – especially for  mobile users – by removing the need for individual printers to be set up on a per-device basis. Users simply send their print job to the Equitrac print queue, and claim the job from any convenient printer by authenticating themselves via their usual network access method (password, swipe card etc). The job is not printed until claimed, so security and waste considerations are taken care of. Equally, Equitrac allows scanning direct to networked mobile devices, or direct to email, making the movement of documents simple, fast and user-friendly.

Scalable, Compatible, Powerful

Equitrac Print Management Software is capable of growing as your business increases in size, scope and needs. It easily manages multiple types, brands and models of printers, with embedded Equitrac clients available for most major brands and devices, and a powerful analytics and reporting platform keeping track of all activity for audit and cost-saving purposes.

Equitrac makes print easy again

Equitrac I-Queue solves the common printing challenges that lead to frustrated users and an over-taxed IT staff. One workflow for every printer. Full control and measurement of all print activity. All with or without print servers.