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SME | Small – Medium Enterprise

United Carlton have 30 years’ experience in supporting small and medium-sized businesses with their document production requirements. If you’re a Small / Medium Enterprise and you would like to look at innovative ways to save time, money and resources, United Carlton’s expert consultants are here to guide you through the process.

We’ll work with you to ensure you get a solution perfectly suited to your organisation. Our solutions will adapt to your everyday operations and allow you to control and manage your print costs and usage. As you grow, our solutions are scalable to grow with you.

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  • “ We have been working in close partnership with United Carlton for over 15 years, for all of our photocopier and document management needs. Their service and support from the Sales team through to the installation and service department is first class, along with their extensive knowledge the technology they are providing. I would recommend United Carlton with the highest regard to any business looking at any of the solutions they provide. ” Godfrey Syrett

Our most frequently asked questions are answered below.  If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, feel free to call us on 0845 456 0022 or email us on enquiries@united-carlton.co.uk.

How will a managed print solution help us to save money?

In a number of ways - by providing you with a more streamlined and efficient document workflow, your staff will be more productive. By removing the need to administrate devices and consumables, your technical staff will be free to respond to other needs. And by installing specialist control software, we'll help you to dramatically cut wasted print and resources. That's only the beginning - contact us for a full explanation of how we can help.

Are your solutions secure and our sensitive documents safe?

Absolutely. We can implement a follow-me print solution which means that none of the documents sent to print are actually printed until claimed at the printer. This system uses authentication processes, to ensure that only the authorised user can claim their prints. Authentication can be completed by password, ID card or fob - and can be integrated with existing access and security features already in use by your organisation, for a streamlined and smooth transition.

Are the systems easy to use?

Very. Our printers use a user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen interface which will be second nature to the majority of users. And we're also happy to provide full training to all key users to ensure your organisation is able to seamlessly adopt the solution into your daily workflow.

Follow-me Print For SME

One of the key features of our service, is the ability to send a print job to any printer on the same network.
For convenience the print can be collected from any printer, either the closest, one that isn’t busy, or one which meets specific quality or finishing requirements.
For confidentiality the print can only be collected by the person who requested it, via various authentication methods.
For cost control the print can be remotely cancelled if no longer required and will not be printed unless claimed.