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United Carlton were approached by the Labour Party to provide them with a managed print services contract, which would reduce their spend on outsourced print and allow them to print materials for important events in a more efficient and responsive manner.

The Labour Party has a vast communications strategy in place and an integral part of this structure is the production of printed literature. With many key stakeholders, all of whom require ongoing communication, a multitude of materials are required to effectively communicate key messages, news and information. Due to the quantities of print required, a large percentage of the Labour Party’s print was outsourced, which had led to high costs and often several days’ turnaround for high volume print jobs. Outsourcing print had also hindered the organisation’s ability to be reactive, as delivery times were dependent on suppliers’ workloads, resources and working hours.

Throughout the year, the Labour Party hosts many events, the largest of which is its Annual Conference, a four-day event that attracts over 10,000 attendees. For this event a large quantity of printed materials are required. They are primarily in the form of credentials, conference notes, ballot forms, speeches, daily reports and agendas. The location and venue of all events change on an annual basis and, due to the number of delegates attending and high volumes of print required, a full range of print equipment needed to be sourced and installed for each and every event, regardless of location. Hired on an event-by-event basis, the model for managing the event print fleet was proving to be time-consuming and was increasing the resource requirement on an already-busy team.

The Labour Party was keen to look at alternative ways of managing all aspects of its print requirements to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce the time employees spent managing print. One of the suppliers invited to tender was United Carlton. Although the Labour Party had not worked with the company before, United Carlton’s bespoke solution and attention to detail throughout its tender submission resulted in them being awarded the contract. The Labour Party had been with its previous supplier for nine years, and moving away would prove to be a big decision, however United Carlton’s approach offered a refreshing change that was welcomed within the organisation.

United Carlton’s solution was completely bespoke to the Labour Party’s requirements and split into two parts: a solution to bring digital print in-house, and an innovative way to manage print throughout the duration of a full events calendar. To allow the Labour Party to manage its print fleet at events, the devices were purchased as part of the agreement, however they would be stored by United Carlton and delivered to all key events such as the Annual Conference and by-elections. United Carlton technicians would be on-site at all times during these events to ensure the smooth running of the fleet and fix any issues that may arise quickly and effectively.

Following the success of the project, United Carlton now supply devices to many of the Labour Party’s regional offices, constituency offices across the United Kingdom, the House of Commons, and the Party leader’s office.

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“The solution they offered was completely bespoke and has transformed the way we work. We have very different requirements from a typical corporate client, and United Carlton embraced this and provided an appropriate solution. I think their research and understanding of our business was exemplary and they went over and beyond our expectations.” The Labour Party