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As a trusted partner of councils and LEAs, as well as being included on a number of government purchasing frameworks, United Carlton’s hardware and software solutions have helped partners ranging from primary schools through to academies, higher and further education institutions to analyse, reduce and control their expenditure on print and document production. Our bespoke software solutions allow administrators to track and budget staff printing by faculty, department, class or year level, with one-click report generation to identify the largest users. The information can be used to create messaging to change the way students print, with automated on-screen reminders to encourage positive behaviour and sustainable printing, allowing institutions to inspire students into a mindset of environmental responsibility.

Print quota or credit systems can be assigned, further encouraging sustainable printing and allowing a measure of cost recovery, with students able to add funds to their accounts via cash loaders or online payment gateways. Wastage is significantly reduced through the employment of print management and release systems, requiring users to physically authenticate themselves at a device in order to receive their print. Print jobs are not released unless claimed, which reduces resource usage and waste, and only if the user has enough remaining print credit to cover the cost of the job.

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  • “ The biometric system has greatly reduced the amount of waste that the reprographics department has to deal with and I believe that this will improve even more in the future. ” Harton Technology College
  • “ The service delivered by United Carlton has been flawless. I really cannot fault them. The equipment they installed has been fantastic and their ability to offer solutions from multiple suppliers meant that we could choose devices specific to our needs and requirements. ” Whickham College
  • “ United Carlton have provided us with a fantastic service. Our change of supplier was seamless, due to their expertise and patience. This seems to have been the right choice for us and there have been no technical issues. ” Walbottle Campus
  • “ It’s good to have a supplier that knows what we want, understands how we work and gets on with their job so that we can do ours! ” Stockton Riverside College
Education Sector FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions are answered below. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, feel free to call us on 0845 456 0022 or email us at

Are these printing systems easy to use?

Yes - ease of use is one of our key considerations. All of our MFDs and the majority of smaller desktop machines have touchscreen inputs with icon-driven interfaces which will be second-nature to anyone who has used a tablet or smartphone. The menus systems on the devices are simple and intuitive for users of any age group or technical ability, with the most common functions available within a couple of taps. For more complex operation and advanced user needs, the devices have an easy-to-understand menu structure enabling more specific functionality.

Can we retain, or introduce, a printer credits system?

Because our software requires user authentication - which can be accomplished through existing identification and security measures within the school such as staff / student ID cards or fobs, or biometric readers - a printer credits system can easily be accommodated. Our software controls ensure that no print jobs are completed until claimed from the device, and in order to do this, a user must authenticate themselves - they can then be "charged" for the print once it is confirmed.

This allows the school to run an effective cost recovery scheme and encouraging responsible print usage, as well as allowing users the "safety net" of allowing them to cancel unwanted, accidental and duplicate jobs without being charged for them.

What support is available for mobile device / BYOD users?

Our range of software, and the bespoke configurations we offer, will seek to accommodate mobile, tablet and laptop users where possible, including options to print wirelessly, scan-to-email and print from the cloud using Google Docs or similar solutions.

Follow-me printing

One of the key features of our service, is the ability to send a print job to any printer on the same network.
For convenience the print can be collected from any printer, either the closest, one that isn’t busy, or one which meets specific quality or finishing requirements.
For confidentiality the print can only be collected by the person who requested it, via various authentication methods.
For cost control the print can be remotely cancelled if no longer required and will not be printed unless claimed, and departmental an per-student print credits systems can be implemented.

Crescent Purchasing Consortium

United Carlton are an approved supplier on Crescent Purchasing Consortium’s “Multifunctional Devices and Associated Print Services and Supplies (Lot 1)” framework.

Educational institutions and LEAs can benefit from CPC’s procurement services when purchasing Managed Print Solutions and print hardware from United Carlton. 

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