Projector Solutions

United Carlton supply a broad range of projector solutions, from visionary manufacturers such as NEC, Epson and Hitachi. If you’re looking to optimise your lessons, meetings or visitor experience, a projector and a good quality screen can provide a cinematic visual effect, an attention-holdingĀ teaching aid, the ability to demonstrate and collaborate on important projects and deliver engaging presentations.

Not only can projectors provide visual reference, the latest technology allows interactivity with projected images, allowing annotation, editing and collaborative learning and working, stimulating creativity and turning viewers into participants – improving output and increasing information uptake.

If you’re looking for a projector or interactive projector, contact United Carlton for immediate advice and assistance.

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Changing the way you teach

United Carlton are here to help you transform traditional lessons into more effective, engaging and interactive learning experiences.

By providing strong visual aids, and using interactive features to make students an active part of the lesson rather than passive participants, you can aim to increase their uptake, understanding and recall of key information.

Encouraging teamwork, sharing of ideas and creativity in the classroom helps to foster personal skills which will serve students through their education and eventual professional lives.

Increased Meeting Productivity

Modern professional meetings demand a visual aid. Whether maintaining attention or drawing focus to specific areas, delivering a report, training session or presentation is significantly more effective when using appropriate visual cues.

To suit any professional organisation, we can supply projectors for ceiling mount, portable and table-top use, and with varying throw distances dependent on your requirements.

To complement your new projector, we also have a range of fixed, retractable, mechanical and portable projector screens – contact us for further detail.

Interaction, collaboration and teamwork

Turn your students or colleagues from viewers to participants with interactive projection solutions. The sophisticated and innovative technology allows annotation, editing and amending on the fly to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

United Carlton’s interactive projector solutions also unify your communications, allowing you to email the visuals used to all participants on conclusion of the lesson or meeting, to ensure everyone is “on the same page”.