Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

An interactive whiteboard is a proven means of cultivating an atmosphere of teamwork, involvement and engagement in your classroom… or your boardroom. The latest whiteboard technology means it’s never been easier and tidier to fit one; ultra-short throw DLP projectors remove the need for separate, ceiling mounted projection units, and up to 6,500 hours of use from a single projector lamp ensures longevity, durability and cost-effectiveness.

They’re not just for the classroom – there’s an increasing level of adoption within the workplace for usage in applications such as remote collaboration, video conferencing, brainstorming and breakout sessions, and hands-on, productive and creative meetings.


Change the way you teach, present or collaborate – we’ll help you choose the solution right for your organisation.

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Intuitive, interactive, collaborative... in the classroom

The intuitive interface is user-friendly to all abilities and age groups, which natural-feeling pen, touch and gesture controls which are automatically detected by the surface and cameras, no manual switching required. The multi-touch interface allows multiple users, and positively encourages collaborative working and learning.

Understanding and ease of use for young users can be enhanced with optional multiple tools which are pre-set to specific functions, including erasers and multiple coloured pens. Users can switch seamlessly between tools and finger touch usage for an intuitive experience, with pinch zooming, rotating, dragging and many other gesture controls available.


...and for business

Write and annotate over anything, to call attention to key areas in presentation, collaborate, suggest changes, brainstorm and more.

Multitouch capabilities allow multi-user working, creating and problem solving, with Skype integration to allow true collaboration between remote sites.

End of session notes can be distributed between all participants by email, ensuring that consistency is retained after the meeting.

App-based inclusion and involvement

Using specialised mobile app or browser-based software, users can view a distant board on a convenient handheld device.

The presenter, lecturer or teacher can even hand over control to contributors and allow them to annotate, amend and edit for all to see – ideal for assisting participants in communicating their points.

The app also allows remote users to participate – even if they don’t have their own interactive whiteboard hardware, but have access to a smartphone or tablet.

Clarity and sharpness in a compact form factor

The ultra-short throw projector technology means there is no need for an externally-mounted projector in the middle of the room, or a long projector boom arm attachment, and ensures that visual disruption of the projected image is minimised. Instead, the images are clear, sharp and vibrant.

Normally, projection of a large image requires the projection to be situated an optimal distance away from the screen, however the latest technology allows users to present in front of the screen without obscuring the display for viewers, and without being blinded by a projector light pointed directly at them.