Interactive Touchscreen Display Solutions

The visual statement and impressiveness of large-format touchscreens is matched only by their versatility. Whether as a teaching aid, a means to improve meeting productivity or to act as an interactive hub in a reception or entertainment area, the potential applications of the hardware are limited only by the imagination.

The proliferation of touchscreens in consumer life, through smartphones, tablets and games consoles, is leading to users wanting the same functionality in the workplace, at school and in public venues. Touch provides a fast, intuitive and user-friendly interface for users and leaves you free to provide great content for them to interact with, without the concern that they won’t understand the system.

The quickness and simplicity of touch-based operations is key to high-quality user interactions They make it easy for users to find the information they need, and for you to communicate the message that you want them to discover, and can assist in presenting a positive and state-of-the-art appearance for your organisation.

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Sharp BIG PAD Range

Sharp’s BIG PAD range represent the pinnacle of large-format touch-enabled display screens.

Offering smooth, capacitive touch technology for intuitive interaction, and class-leading pen software for natural annotating and handwriting, the BIG PAD lineup seeks to reinvent workplace collaboration.

The Sharp BIG PAD is equally at home in the classroom, providing an engaging and visually-stimulating learning tool across all age groups, encouraging participation and increasing learning uptake.

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C-Touch Range

Using sophisticated optical technology, C-Touch screens provide one of the smoothest and most accurate touchscreen experiences on the market.

With up to 32 simultaneous touch points, C-Touch screens encourage collaborative learning, playing and working on the same display.

In a business setting, the multi-touch displays foster problem-solving and teamwork through co-ordinated efforts, and enhance productivity by keeping everyone involved in discussions.

The comprehensive software also allows for gesture-based commands to speed up workflow, and annotation to draw attention to specific areas of interest.

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CleverTouch Range

The CleverTouch range can be run as a stand-alone device using its built-in Android operating system, or connected to a PC or Mac, to maximise compatibility.

With toughened anti-glare glass, safety and durability is paramount, making the CleverTouch line suitable for the most demanding classroom or professional environments.

A range of educational and professional software is available from the integrated CleverStore to enhance learning and working.

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