Toshiba e-STUDIO RD301 Range

The Paper Reusing Device (PRD) is an option for the e-STUDIO5008LP series which uses erasable blue toner. It not only erases paper, the device is also capable of scanning documents for archiving and document retrieval. Equipped with a single pass duplex scanner the system ensures fast conversion into JPEG, TIFF or PDF format. These files are then stored on your server and become part of your digital archive. Providing access to your content whenever you need it.

Once the document has been digitised, the content of the sheet is erased using heat and as a result the toner turns from blue to transparent, thus virtually erasing everything that was printed. The erased sheet is sorted into reusable and non-reusable paper and placed in the respective output cassette.

Product Details
  • A Paper Reusing Device for those who want more — archive, erase and sort up to 100 sheets in one go
  • The e-STUDIO rd301 fully integrates into your digital workflow. Capable of electronically archiving the content of your documents before erasing them
  • Intuitive use of the e-STUDIO rd301 ensures quick, hassle-free operation

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Toshiba e-STUDIO RD301
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As part of sale or rental of our equipment we offer clients a fully managed service agreement to cover the supply of all consumables, parts, labour and servicing of the equipment for the duration of your contract. As each users volume differs we are able to offer a bespoke service agreement to suit your requirements.

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