The importance of cost predictability and control to school budgeting

28th March 2018 | Insights

With the spring budget recently announced, there has been much speculation in the media about the pressure on school budgets. Schools have been forced to make dramatic reductions to non-essential spending after funding cuts of over £2.7bn in the last three years. Many schools are under mounting pressure to make further cost savings, and now forced to look at ways to curb their essential spending.

Predictability is a great equaliser in budgeting. Through analysis of historical data, it’s possible to estimate future costs, and budget accordingly for them. When it comes to printers – an essential resource to schools – previous print volumes, supplies costs and making allowances for seasonal trends, an organisation can be used to model predicted spend for the year ahead.

The problems that can arise come with other costs which are 100% predictable, but incredibly difficult to anticipate in terms of when they will occur, and how much they will be. Those costs include repair costs, increased cost of supplies… as well as hidden costs, such as the consequences of device downtime, difficulty in sourcing parts and consumables for aged devices – the list goes on. They will occur – that much is predictable. It’s the timing, the eventual cost and the consequences which is more problematic.

Our managed print solutions are developed with the aim of granting the peace of mind that comes from predictable costing, and removal of the unexpected outlays. Our solutions run on a fixed cost-per-copy pricing, which includes all device maintenance and consumable supply. They also empower users with itemised costings, showing to an individual level what was printed by whom, and how much it cost, providing actionable insight to administrators to implement cost control measures, and encourage responsible behaviour in high-spending departments and users. Not only does a managed print solution provide cost predictability, it provides the insight for control measures to be implemented, including restricting colour printing, enforcing duplex or mono print for certain users or document types, and other cost reduction methods.

United Carlton have served thousands of customers in the education sector over thirty years in business, and funding challenges have always been a major concern for those organisations.  If you’d like to speak to one of our specialists about how we can help improve cost-efficiency for your school or college, with no compromise on quality or performance, feel free to contact us here.


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