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Removing the human error factor from document security

05th January 2018 | GDPR | Insights

With the recent news seemingly always full of stories of data loss and theft through malicious attack, it’s easy to assume that the greatest threat facing organisational data security comes from hackers, scammers and phishing attacks.


That assumption would be wrong.


Many companies are putting in place strong network security to stop their networks and devices from being compromised, but many still ignore the danger from good old-fashioned human error.


So, how do you protect your data? Well. For a start, don’t assume it won’t happen to you.


One piece of technology which seemingly every organisation has on site is a printer – and this represents a major security vulnerability, with a reported 1 in 5 data loss incidents involving printed records.


So what can you do to prevent data loss via your office printer?


One measure is to ensure that sensitive document are never left uncollected in a printer’s out tray; while previously this could only have been enforced through educational means and management directives, most modern print management software solutions require user authentication before a print job is printed, with unclaimed jobs being deleted, which at least prevents opportunist data theft.


This doesn’t stop users from knowingly printing confidential data – however with the full audit capabilities of PaperCut or Pcounter, it’s at least possible to pin-point the offender and attempt to enforce compliance – fear of reprisal is often enough to make a potential offender think twice, and if not, patterns of misuse can be identified and disciplinary measures taken.


With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to replace the Data Protection Act 1998 from 25th May 2018, it’s more critical than ever that organisations think about the way in which they protect their demands that you protect sensitive information. Document security at the printer is only a small part of compliance, but our expert team are here to help where they can.

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