Carbon Offset Impact Report

06th June 2017 | Company News | CSR

Toshiba, a long-time trading partner of United Carlton, have since 2009 invested heavily in a number of sustainability and carbon offset projects, in order to ensure that each Toshiba eSTUDIO MFP is manfactured and transported to the end user to “Carbon Zero” standards. The volume of carbon produced in these processes are calculated, with the equivalent amount of carbon offset through projects such as energy-efficient stoves, Ugandan borehole rehabilitation and Brazilian rainforest protection.

Not only do these projects provide vital means of avoid future carbon emissions, they also provide life-changing opportunities for the regions’ indigenous people. The projects are carried out in accordance with the objectives set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as part of a wider effort to improve the living standards of those in impoverished communities through environmentally-friendly development projects.

Toshiba’s Carbon Zero Scheme has recently hit a major milestone by offsetting 100,000 tonnes of CO2e – to put this into perspective, that’s the equivalent to 46,874 trans-Atlantic flights. The scheme has also improved quality of life in the target regions by preventing 26,829 cases of smoke related illness, improved water quality for 8,229 people and created over 128,780 working days for participants.

Over the course of the scheme to date, United Carlton’s installations of Toshiba machines have helped result in 4,581 tonnes of CO2e offset, and supplied over 950 thousand litres of clean water.

You can read the full success story by downloading the United Carlton Carbon Offset Report here.




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