Buyers Lab International Recognise Sharp for Ease of Use

17th July 2018 | Company News

Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, today announced the winners of the Buyers Lab PaceSetter awards in Ease of Use: Enterprise Devices. Based on research conducted on the enterprise market and testing in the BLI lab, these awards recognize the OEMs that have incorporated end-to-end ease of use in the design of enterprise devices.

“Because enterprise organizations must accommodate many different users, easy-to-use MFPs are invaluable,” said George Mikolay, Associate Director of Copiers/Production for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “Wasted time at the MFP for employees could literally translate to losing thousands of dollars. Thankfully, MFP vendors have been integrating features to facilitate ease of use, like intuitive control panels, job prioritization, and the ability to create shortcuts. It takes a well-rounded MFP, designed with ease of use in mind, to really deliver for the enterprise.”

To determine which OEMs lead the market, analysts at Keypoint Intelligence conducted an in-depth study on tested Ease of Use functionality, focusing on features that directly relate to enterprise work habits and environments. Key areas of evaluation included Print, Copy, and Scan functions, as well as Job Management, Feedback, Control Panels, Loading Media, Misfeed Removal, and more.

Sharp Designs with End Users in Mind

Sharp was consistently strong in this study, thanks to a well-rounded set of features and functionality.  Beyond the intuitive touch-screen functionality at the control panel, Sharp offers a standard integrated keyboard, making data entry at the MFP as fast as it would be at a computer. In addition to the keyboard, Sharp offers the ability to store preset messages, extensions, and domains as one-touch keys to combat common lags in scanning. The scan preview is easy to navigate and supports onscreen editing. As business process automation increases in popularity for enterprises, more and more employees are integrating scanning in their workflows—and they need to do so efficiently. At the control panel, Sharp also provides both Easy and Advanced menus to be sure inexperienced users aren’t overwhelmed with options while giving more experienced users granular controls. Sharp impresses with dynamic step-by-step guidance for user intervention via text, graphics, animation, and video, too.

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