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Asking yourself these 3 questions will help your office be more efficient

01st January 2019 | GDPR | Insights

When a New Year begins, it’s common for companies to assess and evaluate the state of their office management, as well as identify possible solutions to ensure their growth and improvement throughout the coming year. This can involve anything from boosting staff morale, to introducing new technological solutions.

If you find yourself struggling to find ways to improve your business operations, ask yourself these three questions:

Am I losing productivity to unreliable print devices and services?

An office printer is a commodity item, in much the same way as running water or an internet connection – something that workers will take for granted until the second it stops working. This will invariably happen at the most inopportune time, such as when someone is attempting to print out meeting handouts, or when an invoice run is being processed. The unavailability of a printer is not just a minor inconvenience, it’s something that can delay vital business processes, decision-making and overall,

Downtime can be caused by many factors, such as being out of consumables, mechanical issues or technical and networking problems; therefore it’s important to be confident that your printer supplier is suitably equipped to deal with any of these eventualities in a prompt manner.

Am I distracted?

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with having a workplace full of hustle and bustle – a high level of activity is often a good indicator that work is being done. However, such activity can also cause major distractions, especially in an open-plan office. And if your concentration is being compromised on a regular basis, it’s impossible for your productivity to be at its best.

But don’t worry. If this is a problem that you can relate to then there are some very simple solutions. If it’s the noise that’s putting you off, a simple pair of noise-cancelling headphones will do the trick. Or, if possible, you could look at finding a quieter spot in your office. Whatever happens, don’t let other people’s work stop you from doing yours.

Does our office equipment comply with GDPR requirements?

When most people think of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), they think of email-related privacy and customer data storage. But what is often overlooked is printer security.

Because most modern day printers have data storage functionality, it’s important that you make sure this data is encrypted and that you have proper procedures in place to dispose of this data. Getting a full audit of all devices on your network is the best way to guarantee compliance, thus enabling you to proceed with your daily duties without worry.

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Important Service Update

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With this in mind, we will only be carrying out remote-fix activity for all clients apart from those delivering critical services as defined by the government.

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