5 things to expect from the office of the future

08th August 2018 | Company News | Insights

What do you imagine when you picture the office of tomorrow? Hovering desks, cleaning droids and mind-controlled keypads are probably the kind of things most of you are hoping for. They’re certainly not outside the realm of possibility, but let’s focus first on the not-too-distant future.

This upcoming tech might not be quite as spectacular as you imagined, but it’ still pretty darn impressive.

  1. The power of pointing

This nifty little gadget was created by some genius students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, and allows the user to manipulate items on computer screen by simply pointing at them. What’s more impressive is that it cost just $155 to develop.

Imagine it – no more mouse, no more touch pad. You and your colleagues could soon be carrying out all manner of office work with a mere point of your fingers.


  1. 3D Printers

Unlike some of the items on this list, 3D printers aren’t a thing of tomorrow. Despite seeming like something out of Star Trek, they’re actually available right now… although, admittedly, they come with a hefty price tag.

These devices are far from commonplace at the moment. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s seen on in action. But one day these could be as common as your run-of-the-mill office computer and, when that day comes, just imagine the fun you could have.


  1. One ring to rule them all…

Are you one of those people who hates leaving their work exposed on screen while you’re away from your desk? If this sounds like you, the Security Ring, designed by Yang Hai & Mingshuo Zhang, is the solution you never knew you needed.

This little device fits discreetly on your finger, with a wirelessly-connected base sitting next to your computer. When you move more than a user-specified distance from the base, your computer screen automatically locks. So, no more minimising dozens of windows every time you need the bathroom.


  1. Another print in the wall

Wireless printers aren’t all that unusual nowadays, but this one designed by artists Leon Ransmeier and Gwendolyn Floyd is a little different. The device displays the full image as it will appear on the page before it’s printed. If your work involves graphic design, this could be a big paper-saver if it ever becomes publicly available.


  1. Paper-to-digital made easy

There might not be anything futuristic about scanning paper documents, but we’ve all experienced the pain of documents scanning to the wrong device or even not coming through to any device at all. PaperRiver Distributed Capture allows you to convert paper documents into digital formats quickly and easily.

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