4 eco-friendly office tech solutions

01st July 2018 | Insights

As an eco-friendly, ISO14001-accredited company, United Carlton take our environmental commitment very seriously. That means recycling around 10 tonnes of cardboard per year, and repurposing, refurbishing or recycling (to WEEE-compliant standards) any obsolete devices, consumables or parts, as well as supplying only equipment from manufacturers who have demonstrated a commitment to producing eco-friendly solutions through sustainable manufacturing processes.

On top of this, we also expand our environmental responsibilities to all our customers. In other words, we provide some of the best eco-friendly office devices and solutions going.

Toner Recycling

Statistics suggest that only 25% of toner cartridges in Europe are recycled. Considering around 60 million toner cartridges are sold across the continent every year, that seems like an awful lot of wasted cartridges. Therefore, if environmental awareness is important to your business, toner recycling is the way forward.

Our toner recycling service is in partnership with eReco, who are true specialists in this field, and includes a free collection box for your empty toner cartridges, drums and waste toner collection units (of any model or make). This box is then collected directly from your premises on a day convenient for you.

Touchscreen Displays

Research has shown that the average UK office worker uses up to 10,000 sheets of paper in a single year (this includes accidental printing, written notes etc.) with 68% of that paper being discarded as waste.

Of course, one of the main reasons for printing masses of documents in the office is for use during meetings and presentations. So, imagine how much better it would be for both the environment and your company’s finances in the long-run if paper documents were switched out for an HD touchscreen display solution. Touchscreen displays increase interactivity, engagement and productivity in meetings, meaning you’re not just cutting out on physical waste, you’re reducing time wasted as well.

Visitor Management

It goes without saying that monitoring who comes and goes from a premises is a top priority for schools and businesses. However, the traditional way of doing things, with paper sign-in forms, is no longer the safest or most efficient method.

InVentry is a modern, hi-tech visitor management system which provides a range of benefits for both staff and visitors. The system is currently used by more than 3,000 organisations across the UK. As well as helping the environment by doing away with paper sign-in sheets, the system also provides a range of helpful features such as multi-language displays and facial recognition for quicker sign-ins.

Multi-Function Printers

With modern office tech continuing to move in a more eco-friendly direction, even more established devices like printers and photocopiers are incorporating more energy-saving features such as fast warm-up times and intelligent sleep/wake modes. By using efficient MFPs, a company is able to reduce both energy consumption and costs.

United Carlton has specialised in supplying the latest and best printer products for over 30 years. As we consider our environmental responsibilities of paramount importance, the vast majority of devices we sell today are Energy Star-certified.


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